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What is Charity

They say you should Always Stop for Lemonade Stands. We are not altogether certain who "they" are, but this is one of life's little lessons that has stuck in various brains. My sister's. F's. And now mine.

So as we were motorcycling down a quiet road, and we heard a lustily young voice calling, "Delicious lemonade, only fifty cents!" Naturally we parked our bikes, removed our helmets, and sampled the lemonade.

It was quite delicious. And quite generous -- most of a taco bell combo cup was filled with... well not lemonade exactly, but koolaid. Still, it was red and sugary and hydrating. Halfway through my cup, I began to feel quite full. But I couldn't imagine offending the children by pouring out her hand-made koolaid onto the ground.

So I made F finish it.

I asked the girl, maybe 7 years old, who seemed to be in charge, "What are you going to do with the money you raise?"

"After you pay for the koolaid," prompted her mother (and confessed koolaid maker).

"Yeah, after that... I think I'll give it to charity." Her mother shot me a slightly disbelieving look, but I encouraged her.

A little boy, only 4 or 5 asked, "What's charity?"

"It's when you... oh I can't explain it." And she threw up her arms in exasperation.

"Charity is helping people," I told the little guy. "Helping people who need help."

This seemed to satisfy him, or at least then they moved on to other topics. Like what a nightmare it had been weeding their mother's garden.

We returned their taco bell cups with polite thanks, then climbed aboard our separate motorcycles. Yes that's correct: today was the first day I road my honest own motorcycle! My motorcycle runs wonderfully right now, thanks to F's magic. It was fun, but I'm exhausted now. What a long day.

At the beginning of the day, we were going to start in an empty church parking lot. F offered to ride me their on the back of my motorcycle there, but I preferred to walk instead. Trying to be polite, I started to explain, "It's just that I can't say quite why, but I don't want to ride on the back of this motorcycle right now." I paused, and discarded the polite facade. "Or ever."

That's MY motorcycle, mine and Bill's, and my plan is to only sit on its front seat.
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