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Give Blood

I gave blood today! Yay, me -- that's possibly as many as three people I helped today. I've been meaning to for quite some time, but my schedule never works out right. Finally I just decided to do it anyway. I took a long lunch break, picked up a sandwich to go, and drove to Warren. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I thought that would be a nice birthday present from me to the world. Well, to one to three people, at any rate.

It started a bit oddly. First when she pin-pricked my finger, it spurted blood more than is normal. "That's the second time that's happened today," the nurse commented. "Maybe it's the heat -- you're gushing!" (I wasn't actually gushing of course, but it was a surprising amount of spray for a finger prick.)

They have two tests to measure your iron level; that's what the prick is for. I almost never pass the first test, but I usually pass the second one. My hemocrit was 39, and 38 is passing. Woo-hoo, my iron over-achieved!

Then my temp was 99. That's a bit odd, since "normal" for me is around 97. The heat maybe? Then my blood pressure, 90/70. I normally have low blood pressure, but that's unusually low even for me.

I commented that the numbers were all a bit weird, even though I felt perfectly healthy, and she said, "Well if you get sick in the next few days, be sure to call us and tell us not to use your blood." Which made me glad, as I was a bit concerned that she wouldn't take it, after I drove all the way there and everything. I promised I would.

Anyway, then I went in the other room and bled as quickly as possible. Two cookies and two orange juices later, and I was driving back to work. A successful lunch break indeed!

I've already taken an iron supplement. I think I'll go have a vitamin, for a little extra health.
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