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Belated Poll

Every year on my birthday, this time of year at any rate, I like to spend some time soul-searching a bit. Think about the year, how I've grown or changed, what directions I'd like my life to lead, what I'm proud of, what I think may require improvement.

In the past I've enjoyed inviting the readers of this journal to play along. I am always interested in other people's opinions; I am fascinated by how I am perceived by others. I think folks who have read my ramblings for awhile probably know me a lot better than some of the other people in my life -- strange as that may be. So I'm curious what you might have to say to me, given the opportunity.

I am pleased with and honored by the people with whom I share a mutual friendship. I have nifty friends.

Oh yeah -- nobody can see the results of this poll except for me, so feel free to be brutally honest!

Poll #742747 Belated Poll

Please wish me....

...a happy belated birthday!

What do you like about me? (dig deep... surely you can find something!)

What would you like to see me improve about myself?

Tell me a secret, if you'd like.

Ask me a secret question, and I will answer it.

Please select only one:

We should do dinner in the next couple weeks
We should meet someday, somehow.
I'd like to visit you sometime in a non-scary-stalker fashion
I'd like you to visit me next time you're nearby.
Let's do lunch!
Let's go ice skating!
I'll just read your journal from a distance, you little freak.
Who are you, and why am I compulsivly filling out this poll?
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