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Bike - Bicycle or Motorcycle?

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I rode my bike motorcycle to work! It was pretty cool. I'm still in the process of figuring out what I need to carry with me, and how to carry it. So far using a bag and bungie-ing it onto the rear seat is working okay. I have an idea for a littler bag that I can attach above the tail light a bit more permanently, but haven't done it yet.

Today should have been Bike Bicycle Day, but it's been thunderstorming all morning. Not my idea of a fun ride, so I drove my car.

Oh well... it will make things more convenient when I leave work early this afternoon, in order to hurry home and pack. I just realized last night: I'm flying to NYC this evening! Just a long weekend trip, to visit family and see Rent and stuff. Should be a really fun time, even if the whole trip kind of snuck up on me.

That is, if the thunderstorms don't ground my plane. Hopefully it will be fine... but I'd better bring a good book (or two) just in case we're delayed.

Side discussion: this is really confusing, the word "bike". How did it manage to get itself used for two very different vehicles? It is especially confusing because now I like to ride both bicycles and motorcycles! I find that I am never able to express myself properly anymore without resorting to full words.

I maintain that the word "bike" should only be for bicycles. After all, the word "motorcycle" doesn't contain a "bi" root at all, whereas "bicycle" does.

The strange thing is that "biker" has become so strongly associated with motorcycles, that bicycle riders have taken to calling themselves "cyclists". Which is especially silly, because "cycle" is in both words, but "bike" is only in "bicycle"!

While it should only make sense to call a bicycle rider a "biker", it is unfortunately way too late. The term "bike" is too deeply rooted in biker motorcycle culture. I use it myself quite frequently and accidentally... but there is still a part of me that is annoyed by the fact that the term has been usurped by motorcyclers, when it isn't even a part of the word. Even if I am one now.
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