alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

New York

Took a walking tour today and learned about Imigrants to New York. It started out at the city hall then we strolled through the Lower East Side. Saw lots of ChinaTown, Little Italy, African burial grounds, stuff like that.

Felt a little touristy, being part of a tour group like that (I generally prefer to take public transportation, find my own way around, and try to blend in somewhat), but it was very interesting anyway. We might even do another walking tour of Central Park, tomorrow!

We were crossing a street in a mass, when three joggers trotter by. One of them energetically gestured to us and called, "This way everyone!" Made me laugh.

But I wish I had that much energy when *I* ran.

My feet ache from walking all over the city... But I'm having a good time nonetheless. Right now I'm on a bus to NJ, heading to Grandma's house. It will be good to see her and the rest of the family...


Tags: humor, travel, treadmill
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