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I was gone, but now I'm back. F and I rode our motorcycles up north to visit some friends. My first long trip! Planned to return last night, but ended up riding back early this morning and going directly to work. Not dressed appropriately, and without my laptop, but I had an important meeting and several things to do. It worked out, even though I'm really tired now.

A quick story, even though I don't remember the exact quotes anymore:

I was riding my motorcycle to smegs on saturday, and I stopped at a light. I heard a "toot-toot", and saw a guy in the car next to me tapping on his horn. When I looked over, he gave me an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

I returned the gesture, with a smile, then he rolled down his window. I flipped up my visor. He said to me, "It's great!"

I smiled and patted my motorcycle. "Thanks! It's a pretty bike, isn't it?"

"It's great," he said again. "A girl on a motorcycle. That's hot."

I laughed and thanked him again. We exchanged another thumbs-up gesture, then I waved and rode away.

Fortunately I managed to not stall or do anything else stupid while he was watching. Don't want to ruin his good opinion!
Tags: motorcycling, travel
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