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Back to normal busy-ness

Wow! I am sore today. Been a busy week. I've been feeling healthy again (finally!), which has been positively wonderful. Although my house is still a mess, due to the neglect it received while I was illin' last week and over the weekend. Ugh, I should do something about that over this weekend.

Tuesday I had my ballet class. Wednesday night I went to Su's place and we played a German version of Settlers of Katan (challenging, since I don't speak German). My team lost, but it was still fun, and nice to socialize with some people.

Yesterday morning I did some extra aerobic activity, then after work went to a Sedar. That was pretty cool. I'm not Jewish, but I wanted to go for the sake of learning new things and cultures. I haven't been to one since I was a child. (I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood.) After the sedar we went to a blues bar and listened to a very talented singer/band. Did some dancing there, and stayed up way too late. (Boy am I sleepy today, along with being sore.)

Surprisingly enough, I've managed to continue to do my exercises every morning, even while I had the flu (although I cut back to my original goals, rather than doing the new and more difficult routine I'd been doing). Fortunately I created a routine that, while challenging, was not so long and daunting that I couldn't do it while ill.

Anyway, a busy week, like I said. I guess all of those physical activities contributed to my muscles being so sore today. After I sit too long in my chair, I find myself staggering about for awhile upon getting up, looking like some kind of drunken fool since my muscles have stiffened up. Eventually they loosen, but they still hurt. Climbing the stairs has been a challenge, that's for sure.

Yay, Lent is almost over! Although I plan on continuing with the exercises and stair-walking most of the time afterward it ends, I'm definitely having myself a nice donut. The only annoying thing about stair-walking is when your hands are full, and it's hard to open the doors to the stairwell. Or when your legs are very sore, like today.
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