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Friday Night

I was driving to work the other day, and stopped at a traffic light. One of the cars that drove past me was a very small, older model, red car. It had a big Hotwheels sticker on the front side, just over the wheel! Right where a logo might be expected! It totally made me laugh, a real live Hotwheels car.

I tried to post this information while driving, but got distracted by the road. Probably just as well.

I made a few new icons yesterday. Although I need to take a better plate picture soon. Here they are:

It's friday night. There was a time when I simply couldn't imagine not going out on a friday night. It was never a question of "shall I go out?", it was a question of "where shall I go?"

Now, it's kind of nice having a quiet friday night with nothing to do and nobody to see. Not that I'd want to do this every night, nor even every friday night, but every now and then it's nice.

I really like this picture of me.

Speaking of pictures, I took several over the weekend. I'll have to write a weekend summary, with pictures, soon. Before I forget what I did! Motorcycles, blueberries, friends, canoeing, children, beach, and of course fireworks.

No, I meant a more thorough summary than that. But here's a preview. See how pretty it was?

It's funny, when you lose somebody. Well, I can't speak for you. Since I've lost my fiance, so long ago. I find myself "practicing" in case it happens again. Thoughts like that pop into my head all the time. Like randomly last night, I found myself imagining, practicing, considering, whatever you want to call it, that F died.

In my head driving home I practiced feeling numb, being tough, how I would react, and dealing with it all over again. And you know what thought came into my head? "At least it's the same date, so I'd only have to be sad once." Ugh, I don't even know how I feel about thinking such an awful thing! It's certainly not something I can voice out loud, in fact I don't even like talking about accidents in a joking fashion.

But sometimes the thoughts wander through. It's not surprising. It's probably quite normal, I expect. Even if a little creepy....

Anyway. I have two painting parties to attend this weekend. Both of very different sorts. One will involve painting canvases, and one will involve painting walls. I'm looking forward to them both! I am also planning on finally seeing Superman. Way cool.
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