alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Ow. Went skating this morning. Somehow messed up a bracket, my blade got stuck sideways, and I landed hard on the lowest part of my back. I don't think I hit my tailbone exactly, but just above that on both sides. Maybe that's the top of my pelvis? Or just some back muscles? I don't know. But ow, it hurts!

My sis suggested that I try a "heatwrap", the kind that's like a hand-warmer and gets hot when it is exposed to air. It's got a stretchy bandage thing that wraps around your hips to hold it on. So I stopped at CVS on my way from the rink to work. I put that on my back, and it's been there all day. It feels kinda nice... but if I accidentally let my shirt ride up too high, the white paper pokes out the top of my pants, and it looks like I'm wearing a diaper or something!

Nice, really professional.

So I've been tugging at my clothing all day, trying to stay decently covered. And trying to keep my back/butt in a comfy position. Whee, happy tuesday! At least I finally have a bit of time to myself, after being in meetings and such all morning. It's been a frustrating week.
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