alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Bruised Backs

My back still hurts, but it's doing a bit better. If I'm careful to keep it straight when bending over, and gentle about walking up stairs and sitting down it feels... well... not good, nor even okay, but more than tolerable.

I say "my back", but it's really my pelvis or my butt. Only it's not exactly my butt, since it's not the tailbone itself but the area directly above my tailbone. It feels much like a tailbone injury, in the way I have pain sitting, bending, and moving my hips. But I know it's not my tailbone, because I've been down that road before.

I remember when I was 14, I badly bruised my tailbone (falling while skating of course, actually a few falls landing on the exact same spot). It hurt. I was in enough pain that I spent three days out of school, sitting tenderly in a poofy chair on a heating pad. I know I was 13 or 14 because I was a freshman in high school. I know I was a freshman because I was taking gym class.

I returned to school with a note from my mom, which was required there if absent more than a day or two. Still walking very gingerly, I gave my gym teacher the note, which said something to the effect that I had been out because I'd hurt my back. Famous Amos looked concerned and asked, "What did you do to your back?"

"I bruised my tailbone," I told her uncomfortably.

She laughed. "Oh, you mean you hurt your BUTT," she said loudly enough to be heard by nearby kids. She then blew it off -- apparently a back injury would have worried her, but a butt injury was of no concern.

I said nothing and turned away, blushing furiously, mortified. Because what shy 14-year-old, or even a not-very-shy one, wants a bunch of children to know that she had injured her butt??? Butts were for ridicule, jokes, and sitting. That's all. Being hurt is bad enough, without it being embarrassing on top of that.

Thank God I'm not going through that again. High school. That confusing world where I thought we were all there to learn interesting things, but everybody else thought we were there to torment one another, slack off, avoid any semblence of work, and cause as much trouble as possible.

This time, my injury is a wee bit above my butt. When asked to point to it, I take both hands and place my palms on the dimples which are located above and to either side of my butt crack. There. The pain is hard to pin down, but it's all under where my hands are covering. Across the lowest part of my back, but above my butt. Practically above....

Still.... Ouchie. My wonderful F gave it a bit of rubbing last night, which helped I think. I gave it a lot of heat today. I've been debating whether there's anything a doc or chiro could actually do for it... so far I'm guessing that rest and gentleness, followed up eventually with stretching and limbering, is all that it needs.

Stupid back, getting in the way when I fall. But I suppose I should be glad... I was going down so hard and so awkwardly, I was sure I'd hit my head. So my whole body strained to keep my head off the ice, which meant that all of the fall was absorbed by that one little spot on my lower back. So I suppose, really, it's a good little back!

Now it just has to hurry up and heal.
Tags: ouch, skating, the past
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