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I want to go for a bicycle ride. But my back/butt hurts so much.... it's not really "major" pain, really just discomfort, but it still hurts! Sometimes I just want to cry in frustration. Not because it's bad, but because it won't leave me alone. Argh! I keep shifting position at work, standing up, stretching, sitting back down, because sitting still gets gradually more and more uncomfortable.

I always have trouble figuring out when I've reached a "turning point" in an injury. When is it more productive to start exercising and rehabilitating an injury, instead of resting it? It's hard to tell. I don't really want to be injured; I have things to do! Bikes to ride, both motored and non-motored. Ice skating to do. Stairs to climb.

Oddly going down stairs doesn't hurt at all, but going up stairs does. Something about putting weight on one leg in front of my body vs behind. And driving hurts, the position I sit in. I've ridden my motorcycle a few times, and that's no worse than driving.... it might even be better, it's hard to tell. So I guess that's good.

I haven't done any sports since last week (it's been a week since I fell, it was a tuesday morning). Tomorrow I'm going to try getting back on the ice. We'll see how that goes -- I can always take it easy to begin with.

I guess I can try a bike ride tonight, and see how it feels. If it hurts, I can just turn around. I'm worried about the sitting position, and the "weight on one leg in front" issue. But I won't really know until I try, after all.

It's so hard to tell when I'm being a wimp, and when I'm just looking after myself. The two are very similar sometimes!

[Update: Five miles, somewhat sore but not bad, acceleration hurts but spinning feels nice. Glad I did it.]
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