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There is a journal I used to enjoy, years ago. I de-friended her because she never friended me back, too popular to be interested in me or something, yet she started writing more and more friends-only posts. Every now and then, I go look at her journal, just to see what she's been up to.

I read it just now, and it sounds like she's been quite ill. And her last post was from January. I was worried and a bit sad for this stranger... but then I looked at the "calendar" entries and saw she's been posting semi-regularly, just all friends-locked. And I was relieved, because maybe (hopefully) she's doing okay after all. This girl I don't know.

I don't know why I obsessed over this, nor why I'm posting it.

I was looking out my window a few weeks ago, and I saw a bunny in my backyard. Just a small furry brown bunny, sitting in my grass and nibbling on something. So cute. I saw a similar bunny a few more times, and each time I looked out my window and saw the bunny it made me smile.

A little more recently, I drove my motorcycle out of my driveway and turned left. There on my right, on the side of the road, was a dead bunny. sigh

It has been kind of a long week, or maybe a long two weeks -- but it's over now. Tomorrow I have the day off, and I am going south for the weekend with my boy to visit some friends of ours.

I don't like to travel, but I like to be in places which are not my home. Well, sometimes I like to travel. I don't like driving places. I'm not sure if I want to ride either. Teleportation, now that's the kind of travel I'd really like. I don't always belive the "getting there is half the fun" theory.

However, I really wanted to ride my motorcycle to work today. We had a department picnic lunch, and I wanted to ride and show it off. And my boss was in town, and I wanted to show it to him. But then the radio said that it would be storming all afternoon. So I reluctantly drove my car, bitterly telling the weather, "You darn well better be raining when I drive home!" It wasn't raining. But it was raining a whole lot during lunch, during which I was glad not to be riding, and I couldn't have really showed it off, but I didn't drive my car to lunch anyway. So it all probably would have been okay. pout

I have a small swollen/tender area in the back of my mouth, which is probably nothing, but a tiny part of me is scared that it is the beginning of another hideous infection like I had back in January-ish.

You should totally go to Otherworld this fall. Yes, you. I'll post more details later, and hopefully some more convincing arguments. I miss Otherworld sometimes.

I miss my imagination and eloquence; I don't know where it has gone.

If you were looking for a good shrink, how would you find one? Yes, you.

What if you were looking for a good pizza? That's a much easier question. Why are the trivial questions easy? Wait, perhaps that's redundant.

It turns out that "friended" is not a real word, according to the LJ spell-checker. Not surprising really: every subculture develops its own language, and LJ is just another subculture. But why wouldn't the LJ spellchecker understand its own language?

I learned something the other day, which is that no matter how much you think you ache, you will regret tossing back a few advils with hot coffee. Oh yes, you will. Let it cool, or go fetch some water.
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