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I got the brakes fixed on my car yesterday. They were squealing something fierce over the weekend when F and I drove it down to Cincinnati.

I've had the "to-do" in the back of my brain for quite some time, knowing I needed to get them taken care of. But I've been really busy, and getting my car fixed is always such a hassle, so I kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally the weekend convinced me that it needed to move up in mental priority, so I got it done.

The difference is amazing. My brakes degraded so gradually that I never noticed. I thought the amount of pressure I felt was normal, and the distance before they started sticking was the same as it has always been. Was I ever wrong!

It's like that frog/boiling water thing. They say you can toss a frog in boiling water, and he'll jump right out. But put a frog in cool water, and set it on a flame? The poor little guy will cook without ever noticing the gradual change in temperature. That was me and my stopping ability.

Now my brake feels like it's closer to my foot than it used to be, even though the gas pedal is in the same place. The car responds to much less pressure and distance on the pedal than it did on monday! Quite strange.

Strange but good. I'm glad I finally got it taken care of, and I'm glad my car seems healthier now.
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