alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Visiting Family

It's good to see the little ones again. They're getting big so fast.... It's been too long. I've only made it here once since Christmas.

My nephew (3.5 years) was kinda grumpy and shy this evening, although we managed to have a decent time building robots from legos anyway. I think he's a bit confused and overwhelmed, not really remembering/understanding who we are. Hopefully he'll relax tomorrow. We're planning on going to the beach.

I gave him a present, a toddler baseball and glove. He wasn't very gracious about the fact that he didn't like it. "That's not a toy," he told me. I tried to explain its purpose, but he wasn't convinced. But when we went out walking, we saw a little boy playing catch with his dad, and I pointed it out. I expect he'll come around with time -- maybe when his daddy pulls out his baseball glove.

My niece, 7 months My niece, 7 months

My niece is a happy baby who will smile her toothless big grin at anyone who looks at her. We did some dancing and tickling. She is rocking and wanting to crawl, but hasn't quite figured out the forward motion yet.

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