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More Plumbing

I am Homeowner, hear me roar!

I had yet another plumbing problem a couple of days ago. It wasn't *really* plumbing-related, although it was toilet-related.

I went to flush my toilet, and I felt brief resistance from the handle then I read a sort of a "plop" followed by no resistance and no sound at all. No happy flushing noises, and the handle became lifeless and functionless. "Oh dear, that can't be good," I thought to myself.

I removed the lid, and saw that there was a plastic bar connecting the handle to a chain, and the chain connected to a drain-cover thing at the bottom of the, um, big thing that you lean against when using the toilet. The plastic bar had broken clean off. I reached in and pulled the chain up (eeew), and the toilet flushed.

So the toilet was flushable, but in a much less convenient manner. I pulled out my big book of do-it-yourself home repairs, and discovered that it would be an easy task indeed to replace the bar. All I'd need was a wrench and, of course, a new bar.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I decided to stop for carry-out sushi. I pulled into the parking lot, and thought to myself, "Oh, I shouldn't park here, it's the Aco's parking lot. Wait, Aco! A hardware store!" I hadn't thought there was a hardware store convenient to my office, but here it was -- convenient to both the sushi store and my office. I popped in and bought a new handle/bar mechanism. (Then I got some sushi. Yum.)

Last night I found my crescent wrench. I took off the old handle and broken plastic bar, and I installed my shiny new handle with its metal bar. Nice and easy. Within minutes, the toilet was flushing properly again. Yay, go me!
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