alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cleveland Roars

I am in Cleveland, drove here last night, and I spent all day today in a requirements-gathering meeting. Sounds painful, and it was a bit, but I think it was also very productive. So yay for that.

My boss showed me his new Harley, and it's very pretty. If a bit weird-looking. I guess I'm just used to the way old motorcycles look. Or maybe I'm just used to my bike.

He installed an after-market tailpipe on it, which is very loud. Ick. (Because, he says, "loud pipes save lives".... oh well, whatever.)

He was going to let me try riding it, but I backed out. There are no helmet laws here, and he didn't have one with him. I was considering just tooling around the parking lot a bit... but I had no helmet, no gear, and I was wearing flimsy shoes. Also the thing is really heavy, much heavier than I'm used to, even though it sits as low as mine does. Just didn't feel smart, and I'd have felt just AWFUL if I'd dropped his brand-new bike! So I just sat on it, put it in gear, and played with it a bit. Still pretty fun.

I'd thought about riding my bike here last night, but I decided against it. Just seemed easier to relax in my car, even though riding the motorcycle would have been more entertaining.... maybe next time.
Tags: motorcycling, travel
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