alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Tired and Old

My hotel room has a mirrored closet door right across from the toilet. I'm not sure I like watching myself pee. That's a private act which really shouldn't be shared with anyone, not even mirror-images.

It's 2am, and I should be long in bed, but my mind keeps spinning even though I'm terribly tired. A few minutes ago I stared at myself in the mirror as I sat on the toilet, and my face looked old. Old and tired, clearly an additional sign I should go to sleep.

I frequently get mistaken for looking younger than my 35 years. I don't think anyone would make that mistake tonight. Most of the time, I think a part of my young appearance is a result of a light in my face, the cheer and exuberence I wear most days. Looking myself in the mirror just now, I tried to lift my expression, muster my face into a happy smile.

My mouth moved, but the cheer stopped just above the nose. My tired-looking eyes didn't move at all. It was impressively fake-looking cheer.

Oh well, I tried. Somewhat. I'll be MUCH better once I've had a good night's sleep. (That should happen saturday morning; something to look forward to.)
Tags: sleep, travel
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