alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Bike Ride

I rode my bike to work today! Actually.... I rode my bike to the ice arena early this morning, with my skates in a pannier. Then I skated for almost a half hour (not quite 30 minutes, because i was a bit late, oops). Then I rode the rest of the way to work, with my skates still in the pannier. Then after work, I rode home. Go me!

I'm a bit sore in the knee right now, but still quite satisfied with myself.

I rode home early, because I have an appointment this afternoon. But on the way home, I stopped for a sandwich because I'd skipped lunch.

I like leftovers, so I bought a 12-inch sub. Then I realized that there was no room in my pannier, what with two ice skates, some work clothes, and a purse in there already. Not without squishing of my meal. I should have brought two panniers, not just one, but I didn't.

Then I had a brainstorm. I could put the long and skinny submarine sandwich into my water bottle cage! Perfect!

Well, that lasted about 10 feet. Then the sandwich tumbled onto the pavement. Darn. Fortunately, it was well-wrapped.

Then I figured: it's just a few blocks home. I'll just carry it in my hand. I picked it up, got it balanced, and started wobbling along the sidewalk. I don't have far to go, I thought, so it's no problem to carefully use the sidewalk.

The instant I thought that, I saw the sidewalk blocked off in front of me. Not even blocked off: it was actually MISSING. The cement was all torn up, in preparation for replacement.

I barely managed to hit the brake without dropping my sandwich again. I found myself bemoaning silently, doesn't anybody want me to get home??

I carefully rode the bike over the curb, back onto the street. I managed not to drop anything, and I even switched the sandwich to the other hand.

A block further, I saw a guy sitting on his porch, talking on a cell phone. He was gesticulating wildly to his unseen audience. One arm was thrown up, and his head was describing dramatic circles as he ranted sarcastically. It was so comical, watching him move like that all alone, that I grinned broadly. I caught his eye as I rode past and nodded at him, not wanting him to think I was mocking him, even though I sort-of was.

But not in a bad way. He just amused me and cheered me, made me forget about my sandwich-carrying woes. That's a good thing.

The rest of the short ride home was uneventful, and now I've enjoyed half my sandwich and written a quick post.... time to go!
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