alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Morning Snapshot

Waking up with a headache is generally a bad start to a day. Fortunately I was only supposed to work four hours today, so I was able to take some advil and huddle in bed a little bit longer. Eventually, the headache mostly faded.

Driving into work at 10:45, I saw a girl roller-blading on the sidewalk in front of me. She was wearing black pants and a dark blue shirt with what may have been a necktie. It was clearly a uniform of some sort. She had a little backpack slung over her shoulder and a pair of shoes in one hand. She was roller-blading to work.

It reminded me of when I was a child, and I would occasionally roller-skate to my piano lesson. It was about a mile away, and sometimes the walk got tedious. Roller-skating was a good way to liven it up a little.

This girl didn't especially look like she was having fun though. She was just commuting, skating tediously along, looking slightly unbalanced with her work shoes in her hand.

I decided a double-cheeseburger would make my four hours go more swiftly, so I stopped at McDonalds. There was a sign in front, "Free coffee from 7am to 11am!" Really, free coffee? How unexpected. It was 10:55, so I didnt' know if I'd still qualify.

I pulled through the drivethrough and a cheery voice asked for my order. Surprisingly cheery. "One double-cheeseburger."

"Any fries or drink with that?"

"Are you still offering free coffee?"

"We sure are!"

"Then I'd like one free coffee please."

When I pulled around I was going to ask what the deal was with the free coffee, but the woman at the first window was dour and uncommunicative. I gave her my $1.06 and said "hello", but she didn't really respond. I don't think hers was the cheerful voice on the speaker -- unless perhaps she has trouble communicating face to face?

The woman at the second window smiled at me and whispered, "Good morning." I smiled back and took my coffee. She turned away, and I noticed the shirt she was wearing. Dark blue.

It was the same color shirt as my roller-blading friend was wearing a few blocks back. She probably works here! I wondered vaguely if she was in there somewhere. Wouldn't it be interesting if it had been her voice on the drive-thru speaker? I glanced around through the window, but I didn't see her.

The woman handed me a bag, and I drove away. I was so distracted by the blue-shirt/roller-blade connection that I completely forgot to ask why they were giving me free coffee. It was tasty though....
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