alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Stickers on Trucks

Lots of semi-trucks have stickers on them -- messages to those of us driving behind them. A perfect example is one that's been around for years: Warning, this vehicle makes wide turns.

A more recent one that I've always thought was useful is: If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you. It's a good reminder, a simple way to stay visible to trucks and other vehicles on the road.

I suppose these stickers have become a bit too common. Or maybe there is just a trucker out there somewhere who is trying to jolt me into awareness. It is, after all, very dangerous to pass a truck on its right, especially when it is in the process of making one of those wide turns they love so much.

At any rate, today I saw a big truck in front of me with two stickers on the back. They were both standard bumper-sticker-size, both in simple black and white. The one on the left read: Passing Side, with an arrow pointing left. The one on the right, with an arrow pointing right, read: Suicide. They surprised me until I voiced the words inside my head.....

It's certainly harsh, but it did a good job of shocking its point home.

Oh, and why do they call one of these things a "semi-truck" when it's so much bigger than other trucks?
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