alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

On being a girl

He (a coworker) was talking about taking his kids to Disney World.

"The Breakfast With The Princesses is really worth it. Even the boys like it. The food is good, and all the princesses come and visit the tables." He showed me a photo. "Look, the girls all get wands, and the boys all get swords."

I blinked. "What if a girl wants a sword?"

"Well I'm sure a girl can have a sword if she wants one...."

He (a friend) was at the party, appraising the ladies' footwear.

"Rennie, you definitely win the Cool Shoes award tonight."

"Great, thanks! Aren't these awesome? Unfortunately they're not very comfortable, but they look so cute."

"Ah yes, the never-ending struggle for women: look cute, or be comfortable?"

He (another friend) was watching me take my Cool Shoes off.

"I had to take off my toenail polish," I explained, "because it completely clashed with the shoes."

The shoes were a deep purple. A girlfriend frowned, "I see a speck you missed. It was orange-peach -- those are opposite ends of the color spectrum! They couldn't clash worse."

"I know, so as soon as I put the shoes on, I knew that the polish had to come off."

He sighed, "I'm so glad I'm not a girl."

She was 11, reading the signs in the hockey arena.

"Oh look, what if they had ice cheerleaders?! I could cheer on skates!"

"Wouldn't you rather play hockey, or another sport? Instead of cheering for somebody else who is playing?"

"But it would be ICE cheer-leading!"

"Okay I'll admit that does sound neat."
Tags: girly, thoughtful
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