alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Toilet Water

I walked into the public bathroom in my office building earlier this afternoon, and I was surprised (not to mention disturbed) to see droplets of liquid all over the floor by the far toilet. Lots of droplets of liquid. Too many.

It was more than the occasional "splatter" I see sometimes when women miss or (worse yet) try to pee while standing. Unless somebody actually tried to pee while spinning, I think that there were so many drops all over the floor that it had to be water. Or at least, I sure hope that's the case.

It looked like somebody was actually playing in the water, instead of simply using the toilet. I know this because my bathroom at home looks like that sometimes, when I accidentally leave the lid up. But this is because I have a naughty kitten who likes to play with the water. Every now and then I'll be in my den and hear splashing, and I'll hurry into the bathroom to find her perched balancing on the toilet seat, one wet paw lifted in front of her, frozen in a guilty stare.

But that's no excuse for the office building, because as far as I know animals are not allowed. Well maybe working animals, like those assisting the blind. But cats generally are far too self-indulgent to assist anyone, handicapped or not.

Especially the kind of cat who likes to play in toilet water.

I suppose it's possible that some of my building associates got into a water fight in the bathroom. That actually sounds kind of fun, though messy. Especially if you have to return to your office afterward. Or some woman was so excited about washing her hands that she shook the water everywhere while do so.

I suspect the most likely cause was an over-zealous toilet, which sprayed too much while flushing/refilling. Our toilets can be excessive sometimes -- one even ate my pen awhile back.

Whatever the cause, I avoided the stall nearest the liquid drops, just in case.
Tags: humor, kitties, story, weird, work
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