alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Skating Bruise

My sister and I were talking off our skates, having just finished today's lunchtime skate. I told her, "I actually have a dark blue bruise, right on my ass."

"Wow," she responded, impressed. "You must have really fallen hard tuesday."

"I know! My butt never bruises when I fall on it. I don't remember ever seeing a butt-bruise before. I felt silly taking a look at it.... but it was so sore to the touch last night I just had to see if there was any mark. And there is, so deep on the cheek it's practically in the crack."

"Maybe you'd better not show that to very many people."

"Oh, I already showed it to everyone at work. Do you think that was a mistake?"


On a related subject, I'm testing my Novice Moves again on monday (for the second time). I had a great practice today, and I feel pretty prepared. I'm still not 100% consistent on everything (obviously, hence the butt-bruise), but when I do each move right I do it quite well.

Hopefully I'll be consistent on monday and hit everything as well as I'm capable of! If I do that I'll be happy... not to mention probably pass. Hopefully I won't let nerves get in the way. I'm feeling pretty confident today at least!
Tags: ouch, skating
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