alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Disturbing Kitten Dream

I had this dream on tuesday night. I wasn't going to write it down, because it's somewhat disturbing, but I find it keeps popping back into my head.

(Disturbing and graphic dream) F and I were at a friend's house, and their cat had just had kittens. I was pleased to see this, because my cat was also on the verge of having kittens. I knew, in the way one knows things in dreams, that this meant my cat must have given birth also.

We hurried to my house; I was looking forward to seeing the kittens. Even though I felt bad I hadn't been home in a long time, so I didn't get to see it happen.

We walked in, and a cat was in the middle of the bed, and the kittens had come! F got there first, and he stopped abruptly telling me, "Oh no, don't look." I also froze in my tracks, and I realized that we must have been gone much too long. The kittens had already come, without any help, and they had not survived.

Eventually I looked, cringing, expecting to see them half-eaten. (Side note: when I was a child my pet hamster had babies then ate/mutilated them.) Several were dead, and F removed those. Three kittens and the mother still lived (the mother was a cat unknown to me incidentally, not one of my real-life cats).

I touched the living cats, but they were cold and stiff. I thought they might be dead, but I could see them blinking at me. But they were so cold! I gathered up the kitties in a little heap in the middle of my bed, then lay down with my body curled around them in an effort to warm them up.

I lay with them for awhile, trying to revive them. One kitten turned "normal" again, warm and pliable, and I gave it a tiny bottle of milk. It lay on its back drinking, clutching the doll-sized bottle with all four paws. Then I gave it some kibble, which it ate.

Another kitten died, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I saw that the other dead kittens were in the garbage, little legs sticking up, so I put mine in there too. Then I lay down again around the other cats, again trying to make them healthy with my own body heat.
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