alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Hot Dream

I had a dream a few nights ago. In this dream, I was in my house, and it felt very hot. I looked at the thermostat, and it was set much higher than I usually keep it in the winter. Much higher.

F was sitting in my livingroom on the couch. I asked him, "Did you turn the thermostat up?"

He glanced up from a book. "Oh, I kept feeling a little chilly. So I turned it up a few degrees. I guess I did I did that several times...."

I was sweating, it was so warm. "Well now it's set at ninety-eight degrees."

"I was cold."

I repeated myself. "Ninety-eight degrees!"

At this point, I awoke from the dream. I was laying on my back, and my biggest, furriest, fluffiest cat was sprawled all across my torso. I felt like we were on fire!

I shoved him off, and he stalked off with a disgruntled "Mrrw" while I gasped at the cool air. No wonder I was having weird temperature dreams!
Tags: dating, dream, kitties
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