alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

New York/Jersey

This evening I'm off to New York. Well, sort of. I'm really going to New Jersey, but it sounds much cooler to say New York. The truth is that I'm flying into New York, and I'll even be spending tonight in Manhattan with my aunt. But tomorrow we're all heading to New Jersey, and I don't know if I'll end up seeing much if any of the City.

But that's perfectly fine. I visit New York at least once a year, and this weekend is about family. My cousin specifically, who is having a big engagement party somewhere in New Jersey saturday night. I don't know where actually, but I'm expecting that my aunt will give me a ride so it won't matter. It will be nice to spend time with my extended family.

The only sad part is that F was supposed to come with me. We had a whole trip planned, where we were going to drive together through Niagra and make a neat road trip out of it. I was looking forward to it, and to introducing him to my family, but it fell apart. He'd mixed up the dates of a convention he'd already agreed to work at, which turns out to be this weekend, so he couldn't come after all.

I'm disappointed, but I understand. Unfortunately that doesn't make me less disappointed. But c'est la vie and all that, I guess.

Fortunately he realized the dates early enough that I still had time to buy a plane ticket after all. So now I'm flying out tonight. It will be my first time flying since the strange "no liquids" thing went into effect. Now they'll allow 3-oz containers of fluids, but only if they are carried in a separate plastic zip-lock bag. It has to be a specific size, and it must be zip-lock. Crazy.

So I'm off the the grocery to buy bags and maybe some Zone bars, then I'll pack, then I'll head off to the airport. Hopefully for a fun family weekend!
Tags: dating, family, travel
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