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Monday Cake

It was monday, and the three of us in my office were talking about cake. Because...well really, what else are you supposed to talk about on a monday morning?

"I had cake two times this weekend," said Irish. "Two different birthday parties."

I smiled. "So did I! Well three times if you count today."

"Oh yes," said Daisy, "they are having cake for you today."

I paused in thought. Every month, the I.T. department brings in cake for a little celebration of all the birthdays and anniversaries that month. My 10-year anniversary at this company was on 11-11, and Daisy was right. Today was my cake day! [Side note: ten years! How'd that happen??]

"That's kind of a bummer," I remarked. "I had leftover cake for breakfast today. If I'd remembered that today was the department cake day, I wouldn't have had it for breakfast already."

Irish stared at me with an outraged expression on his face. "You can't eat cake for breakfast!"

I retaliated passionately. "I'm a grownup! That's the good thing about being a grownup, you can eat cake whenever you want." I remembered that he is the father of two small children, and I added. "Someday I might have kids, so I won't be able to anymore. I'd have to model appropriate behavior to them. But now is my chance; I don't have anyone's rules to follow."

He insisted, stammering with a bit of confusion, "You can't eat cake for the same reason that children can't eat cake for breakfast."

"Sure I can; I already did." Then I conceded. "I can't eat it every day, or I'd get very sick and fat. But occasionally I can give myself a treat, as long as I don't overdo it. That's what's fun about being grown up."

He shook his head and gave up the argument. Then at two o'clock, I insisted that both of my co-workers join me downstairs and have some of my cake. Even though neither Irish nor I had made it to lunch yet. It was my anniversary after all!

Cake. It's good any time of day.... especially on a monday.
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