alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Almost December

My sister and I were standing in my kitchen. She gazed over my shoulder, and I followed her glance to the wall. "Your calendar still says July 2005," she told me.

I frowned at the calendar myself. "You're right. Did you know that thing doesn't even have any months in 2006 in it? It's almost useless."

"I think this may indicate that you need a new calendar for Christmas."

"Not so much -- I think this indicates that the last thing I need is a new calendar, because I clearly don't use them...."


In related news, my sister is moving to Wisconsin next week. Precisely one week from today! Hard to believe the whole thing's true; it all happened so fast. She bought a house there and everything, and she just accepted an offer on her house here. It's all very exciting!

I'll be going there with her next week, but (unlike her) I'll be coming back here afterward. By plane, so at least I only have to drive one direction.

When I come home, I'll be the only member of my family who still lives in Michigan. Kinda weird, that.
Tags: family, travel
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