alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

On Men

Random thoughts I've been having, while tiling my basement floor and letting my mind wander.... I love looking at naked men. Not in the obscene way, just with fascination. I mean, the male "member" is just such a weird little body part! It always looks so silly to me, and makes me want to laugh. I try not to, particularly in the presence of naked men, because they never seem to take it well. But please. Especially when they bend down or something - strange little dangly bits swinging to and fro. Granted: we girls have some dangly bits of our own. But at least in my opinion, they're just not as odd-looking. Also they don't change shape so much with our moods, nor do they dictate them. Because the little bugger has such a mind of its own! It's kind of like a cat's tail: it's almost a separate entity with its own feelings, thoughts, goals, purpose, and agenda. I often wonder what it would like having one. I do think peeing standing up would be fun, I'll admit that. But look at how much it interferes with daily life, otherwise! And it's so delicate! Quite an oddity.
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