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More about hair and stuff

Awww.... you guys are all so sweet! Of course, you're making me very embarrassed, so I have to confess that I took about 15 picures before I got one that looked good enough to post! So it might not be as perfect a haircut as it looks after all. But I like it anyway, and it's something fun and different.

Today I washed it and styled it myself. By "style", I mean "brush wet", because I don't really do anything to style my hair. It looks okay still, although not as nicely curled under as in yesterday's pic. My hair has a tendency to do half curled under and half flipped out.

Ah well. With time I'll figure out what to do with this hair, and whether or not it's a keeper.

This girl in the salon (and by "salon" I mean Boricks) had gotten really cool color! She had long dark hair, and just the tips were dyed the brightest pink I'd ever seen. I loved it, and was very impressed.

I asked my cutter if she could color my hair like that, with maybe a stripe or two, but she said the girl had brought in her own pink dye. They don't sell anything like that. Still.... quite cool. Maybe something to consider someday, who knows.

The fun thing about not doing synchro anymore is that I can play with my hairstyle.

In other sporty news, I'm going to see the Harlem Globetrotters this afternoon! BBBS gave me free tickets.

In non-sporty news, I am currently considering persuing an online master's degree at Regis University. Not certain yet, but more on that later.

Oh, and -- yes, I am SuperGirl. Please don't tell anyone.
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