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Forgetful and Hermits

I had One Of Those Mornings today, where I woke up late, left for work late, realized half a block down the road that I'd forgotten my cell phone, backed up my car half a block to return to my driveway, continued on to work, climbed up four flights of stairs to my office, realized I'd forgotten my laptop in my car, walked back down, retrieved my laptop, then walked back up the stairs.

Fortunately my day has improved from there.

In other work-related news, I took Lobster, our office pet hermit crab, to Chicago for the holidays. I didn't want him to be un-cared-for during the four day holiday. Also, I thought my nephew would get a kick out of him (which he did - he even made Lobster a toy to play with).

I glanced in his crabitat on, um, I think it was monday night or so, and something didn't look right. There was something lying next to his shell. Oh dear.

I opened up the crabitat lid and removed the half-coconut shell that Lobster hides under. There was a dried up crab body, sprawling next to the shell he'd fallen out of. I was so bummed! Poor Lobster. Not wanting to look, I put the coconut back and closed the lid.

Yesterday I announced to the team that Lobster had met his unfortunate demise. They were all somewhat-sad, but not exactly devastated. Crabs aren't the most cuddly of pets after all.

Anyway, I said that I would bring him back to the office. Irish was not enthused. "Why would we want a dead crab in here?"

"Well I don't want it in my house," I said. "Plus, then you can all say goodbye."

"I don't think we need to look at a dead body to say goodbye. You can just bury him in your garden."

"But that's what they did with Mister Ford," I pointed out. Even s,o they still felt that burying him in my garden was best.

Last night I went to look in on poor Lobster again, and perhaps bury him. I picked up the coconut.... and the shell moved! I jumped a good foot into the air. "Lobster! You're still in there?"

There are still crab-pieces near the shell, but upon closer inspection it turned out that Lobster is not inside of them. It turns out, he is just molting.

So cool, he is alive! Hopefully he will survive this molting process, and come out bigger and stronger than before. I should get him a few new shells. He has one, but I'm concerned it may be too big for him -- even in his post-molted state.

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