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Books for the New Year

A bunch of people I know are attempting to post when they read a book, and count how many books they read, and read a certain number in a year, and stuff like that.

I dunno if I can do all of that, but I do think it'd be fun to note down when I read a book, and mention a little bit about it. Both for my own memory, and for anybody else who'd like to know about it.

So, here we go.
Book One

The Turk and My Mother, by Mary Helen Stefaniak

My sis loaned me this book, and it was recommended to her by the guys in her new local bookstore. It was written by somebody who once lived in her new Milwaukee community, and a lot of the book is set there.

It's a book about family story-telling, and it stretches over decades and generations of a family which starts in Hungry/Croatia during WWI, then travels piecemeal to Bay View and Jones Island, Wisconsin. The various generations tell tales of their family memories to one another, and the book has the disjointed feel of overhearing many snippets of conversations at family gatherings.

Although the stories are hard to piece together at times, they are captivating, and the characters are rich with history.

Also, the complex Hungarian and Croatian names are a delight on the tongue, fun to pronounce aloud.
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