alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Good Saturday

I had an excellent day saturday. It started with sleeping in and relaxing, both of which I really needed. Then I went to Mongolian with some good friends. Good food and fun conversation. Also, here is what one of them said about me: ...and Rennie looking like a rock star in a purple feather boa/scarf and purple sunglasses.

Heehee! Totally made me grin aloud when I read it, so thanks. Although I must say that I think everyone was looking good, and Jen if you were wearing anything frumpyish I certainly didn't notice.

Three people ordered dessert, and I was eager to participate in the Selecting Of The Desserts. After offering several opinions, including with the waitress present, she naturally asked me if I was getting one too. "Oh no thanks," I said quickly, "I just want to watch."

That generated quite the laugh and embarrassment! But it's true: I love looking at dessert menus and desserts. I love eating desserts too, but even when I'm not eating one I like to watch. Because... well I guess that even my sense of sight participates when I have a treat, so I can enjoy one even when I'm not hungry. Everyone was kind enough to move drink glasses and napkins out of my line of sight, so I could watch all the tasty ice-cream-eating going on.

After lunch, I needed to eat more! Well, perhaps not... but I was definitely in need of "friends, conversation, and stupid amounts of food". So naturally F and I gathered up some pizza dough and headed off to SEMGS!

I had a lot of really yummy pizza there, as the theme was Pizza Lab. Gosh, I was so stuffed... but happily so. This is why I skipped the Mongolian dessert.

Unfortunately my back/shoulder has been hurting me off-and-on for quite some time -- I suspect it's some form of RSI, from too much computing. At one point I asked F if he could help me out with it at smegs, and when he agreed I sat down between his feet. He rubbed out my tense shoulders, which felt great. The he was tossed a treasure of the smegs house -- "the bunny" -- a very soft furry massage device that I like a lot. Then more friends wandered over, and SC started rubbing my arm and hand, while G started rubbing my feet!

I am sometimes a very lucky girl. (I should remember this more often.) I was positively melting with relaxation and friendship. It was such a delightful feeling.

After awhile of this meltiness, G asked if he could "borrow" me for a bit, and we went downstairs to the table. I lay down, and he worked more on my back and ouchie spots. Between F's efforts and G's, my back was feeling much much better saturday night. YAY!

I really enjoyed seeing and hanging out with so many people whose company I enjoy so much... it was a good day.
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