alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Shopping for Critters

I went to Meijer today during my lunch break and got passport photos taken. My passport expired in March, so it was past time. One step closer to traveling (overseas) again! Not that I have anything scheduled yet, but having a current passport will definitely help. I think I might visit Spain; I've never been there.

I took a cart and walked through the store, ostensibly looking for cat food -- and whatever else caught my eye. I found some hermit crab stuff, but no shells that looked the right size for Lobster. Instead I bought a bird feeder, and some bird seed. And some cat food, and granola bars. Oh, and some pretty rocks for my fishies.

Pushing my laden cart down the aisle, I put my foot on the bar in front of me. I gave an extra good push with the other foot, then I stood with both feet on the bottom-front of the car, riding down through the valentine candy and groceries.

A thought popped into my head, not even a complete concept, I just thought about my age. Thirty-five. I grinned to myself. Oh well. I gave another push and rode my cart further.

Checking out, the guy asked me, "Did you know that this birdseed is buy-one-get-one-free?"

No, no I didn't. "Do you want to go get another?" I paused with indecision, thinking about how far away the birdseed was, and not wanting to have to come back through the line again.

"I can just ring it up, and you can take your receipt with you. You can just grab the other bag and go."

I smiled at him. "Sure, I'll do that. Great. Thanks for noticing that for me!" I paused thoughtfully, and he nodded. "The birds will be happy." This made him smile more, and he agreed.
Tags: kitties, lobster, travel
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