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Well, it seems I've been accepted to Regis University's MSSIS program. I had what I thought was an interview phone call today. She started right off telling me what order I was supposed to take classes in, when tuition is due, how to buy books, etc. When she was through, she asked me if I had any questions.

"Well, I'm a bit confused. Am I officially accepted? Or is there still some formal admissions process we haven't gone through yet?"

"Nope," she said, "You're in!"

"Oh. Neat!"

The way she talked, it was all a done deal. There were no comments like, "If you decide to attend...." She seemed to think that I was definitely going. Why else would I apply, after all?

Weird! Exciting, but weird.

She made it sound very hard, too. Scary words like Dissertation came up.... although I'd have a project option, if preferred, or a research option. (Me, I'm more of a project sort of girl.) Also, since each course is only 8 weeks long, your first homework assignment is due the first class! (Meaning we're expected to start working even before we start attending classes.)

It's all a bit overwhelming and confusing right now -- but it seems I'm in! I can start in March.

Now I just have to decide if I want to actually do this thing.
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