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Lake City or Bust

Today in my mail, I got an envelope from The Incredible Librarian. "Oooh," I thought as I brought it in, "I bet it's a Christmas gift!"

Back around Christmas-time, she had said something about "still making" some gifts. At the time, i had figured it to be either cookies or a mix-cd. Each of which would have been cool.

I had no idea.

The envelope was too small for cookies, so I figured it would be a mix. Neat! K was once the queen of mix tapes, back when people still made mix tapes. I opened it up, and indeed a CD fell out. A card too, but I ignored it at first. What kind of songs had she picked out this time? No playlist....

It was hand-written with a date. 1989. The year we graduated from high school together. Had she converted one of her old mix tapes to CD? I frowned at it, trying to figure out what the title meant. Lake City '89 Then it clicked. "Noooooo...." I exclaimed involuntarily.

But yes! Our senior year of high school, a small group of girlfriends went up north on spring break to spend a week at our friend's cabin. A cabin in Lake City. A video camera attended the gathering, and some remarkably bad but amusing footage was taken.

A couple of the girls have copies of the tape, and it's been pulled out a few times at New Year's Eve gatherings. I wasn't one with a copy though, and I don't think I've seen it since.... gosh.... i don't know how long. Almost 10 years?

Now I had what was clearly a DVD copy of that old video tape. TOO COOL!

Naturally I popped it right into my computer and watched the whole thing. Wow. It was much like I remembered: pretty bad, very silly, and full of crazy memories. That '80's hair, those strange clothes... dancing and singing to 80's alternative music (remember when it wasn't 80's music, just music?). We all looked so different! We were so young.

Our stereo, full of records, tapes, and CDs, was the first thing we unpacked when we got there, and the last thing we packed up when we left. It rained almost the entire week, so all of our outdoorsy plans turned into reading and making music videos and such inside.

It was a really good time. I love the fact that I'm still in regular contact with three of those girls, and even the other two I still see now and then.

What a great idea 'Katie', and thank you! I loved watching it again. (: (: I have only one question: weren't there more dances once? I seem to remember doing Language is a Virus....
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