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Book Two

So I have not been reading very much recently. That's okay... I've been busy. My reading waxes and wanes anyway.

Different Seasons, Stephen King

This novel consisted of four "novellas", or short novels. Two of them were made into movies: Shawshank Redemption and The Body (aka Stand By Me).

I've seen Shawshank a few times, and have always loved the movie. It does such a great job of highlighting grace and humanity under extreme circumstances, and it turns out the movie followed the book very closely indeed. So no new surprises, but still good.

I only saw Stand By Me once a long time ago, so I didn't remember much more than the kids walking, and the leeches -- which was as freaky in the book as they were in the movie. The book was captivating and well-told, about friendships and adventure and pain and boyhood on the verge of breaking up into puberty.

Apt Pupil was a freaky story about a boy who is drawn into Holocaust stories, and the ex-nazi he becomes involved with. Their evolving relationship is freaky and fascinating and horrifying, all at once.

The Breathing Method is the last and shortest story, and it's about a gentleman's club of sorts. Except it's a club without a name, and its main purpose is to tell and share stories. Cool concept, though I thought the club idea was more interesting than the main story told.

All and all, an entertaining read. Good "before bed" type of book, or "rainy saturday with tea". Not that I've had a rainy saturday with tea at all recently, but I like the idea....
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