alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cold and Tickets

It's a bit chilly today. Actually, it's quite chilly indeed outside -- hovering right around the zero farenheit +/- 5 degrees mark for the past few days.

Actually, I can't remember how many days. When it's this cold, it feels like it's always been cold, and warmth is just something my mind made up to comfort itself at night.

But what I mean to say is: it's chilly here in the office. It was 64 degrees when I got in this morning. Now 64 is a whole lot more than -1, but it's still colder than I prefer. I've been wearing my coat while working this morning.

Fortunately a coworker went to Home Depot on his lunch break and bought us a space heater. It seems like a nice one, and I have high hopes that things will improve soon. It's already up to 67 degrees -- soon I might even take off my coat! (Unfortunately the humidity level is still at 15%, painfully low, which I hope to correct soon.)

Before the coat-taking-off, I need to go to court. Ick... I got a parking ticket awhile ago, a completely invalid one in my opinion, so I'm going to contest it. I've even printed out photographs and everything. Although it is difficult to document that non-existence of no-parking signs. Too many negatives involved.

Hopefully it will go well though. I'm going to give it my best shot!

Edit: I have been cleared of all charges, and free to return to work! (My coworkers were sure I was going to jail this afternoon.) Best of all, I don't have to pay my fine. As the judge said, "Your venture out into the cold today has been profitable."

The room temperature is much much better now. My only remaining complaint is that my back (lower back/upper left hip) is very hurty today. Ouchie.... constant sitting pain is no fun.

But at least I'm not cold! Back to work.
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