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Just Keep Racing

A coworker of mine died this morning. That is, a previous coworker -- she left the company about two years ago to pursue other opportunities. She lived in Cleveland, but I met her a few times. She worked with us for many years, so a lot of people have kept in touch. She was a very sweet woman, only maybe ten years older than me... I'm not sure. She had a teenage daughter.

When I knew her, I was not even aware that she was a breast cancer "survivor". I have to put that in quotes, because it came back just a couple of months ago. This time she didn't survive; it had metastasized into more body parts and was incurable. They only gave her 5 weeks or so, and today her fight ended. It's not fair, because I believe that she was cancer-free for enough years that everyone thought (hoped) it was gone forever.

Although I didn't know her well, this news makes me so sad. Not to mention angry and fearful. This disease should be fixed! Medicine has made so many advances, and the prognosis is positive for so many women -- I forget sometimes that not everybody makes it. More accurately, I think I choose to forget, until it is shoved in my face again.

It's also frustrating because I feel so helpless. Aside from continuing to contribute and raise money, there is nothing I can do. Well, I can also continue hoping and praying. That none of my family, friends, loved ones, will be taken. That no more women will have to suffer. That a permanent cure will be found.
Tags: race for the cure, thoughtful
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