alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

No holiday

Today is Presidents Day, when we are supposed to celebrate a few of the more-favorite-in-legend deceased US presidents by staying home from work. My company used to give us this day as a holiday. It was very nice, having a random holiday in the middle of the dark and dreary month of February.

(Sure I would prefer having Groundhog Day off, but at least Presidents Day was something!)

Recently they switched to giving us Martin Luther King day off instead -- I guess to be more politically correct or something I don't know, but I wish they hadn't taken away our day in February.. Martin Luther King day is in the middle of January, really just a few days after we have returned from our New Year's holiday. (Okay two weeks, but still.)

Although I have to be honest with myself here and admit: I was not complaining in the least when I was told to stay home on MLK day.

In order to be ethically diverse and racially fair, I believe that my company should give us both days as holidays. Then we can celebrate the lives of dead men of all colors. Hmm. Actually they'd probably better give us some days for other races. Not to mention genders!

Naturally this has nothing to do with my wanting more holidays from work. I am just trying to be impartial and objective here.
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