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Sluggy Freelance!

I just realized I never got around to posting my own efforts at drawing Sluggy comics here. I thought they were fun and funny, but none of the three I created won the contest. So if you like Sluggy, or just want to see what I did my drawing/humor efforts look like....enjoy!

The first is my favorite "art-wise". I drew it and colored it all myself, and am quite pleased with how it came out.

The second I also drew myself, but I didn't spend time on the computer inking, or smoothing the lines or anything. But it's still cute IMO.

The last one is I think funnier and more clever, but it's not really my art. For the first two panels, I copied two different ones from the actual strip, and just changed a little bit - a facial expression, the words, a little bit of coloring. The last panel is all mine, but it's not high's not meant to be though!
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