alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Tired Today

Yuck... I've been so exhausted this week. I've slept poorly for the past three nights, averaging maybe four hours a night. Tonight needs to be different! Being so tired makes me grumpy and depressed, neither of which are good. I've escaped from work for a bit, and am eating a giant salad in the mall. And not seeing my favorite barista (sadly). And wandering here looking at stuff. Oooh, shiny things to cheer me up!

In other news, I seem to have decided to try this grad school thing. Hopefully it will go well. My first class begins monday. I have no idea what an online class will be like... But I'll find out!

I'm even applying for a scholarship that Netmouse mentioned. My app went out yesterday. That'd be so cool if I win.

I told you I was grumpy, so now I'll grump a bit.

My back hurts. Or maybe my hip. Really the part inbetween the two, and only on the left side. It's an icky shooting pain that goes into my butt and thigh. This is probably part of the reason I've been sleeping badly, at least the past couple of nights. I can walk just fine though. I've had this pain before, and it comes and goes randomly. I hope it goes soon.

I need a haircut. And I have a weird pimple-thing on my face that isn't actually a pimple and won't go away... I'd like to be rid of it. Maybe I should find a dematologist.

I wonder if she'll cut my hair.
Tags: ouch, school, sleep
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