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Lobster Update

Our office hermit crab has been less social this week. I walked into the office yesterday and glanced at the crabitat. Not only was Lobster nowhere to be seen -- meaning that he was probably hiding in his hut -- but he had somehow pulled his sponge in front of the door!

He has a little coconut hut, which has a crab-sized "door" opening in the front. He also has a natural sea sponge, which we keep moist in an effort to give him some humidity. (Crabs like humidity, but our office is only 15% humid.) The sponge is usually tucked in a corner somewhere. It is convenient for climbing should a crab desire it, but otherwise out of the way.

I guess he was feeling very anti-social yesterday morning, and he took that sponge and dragged it behind him as he retreated to his hut. The sponge was then completely blocking the entrance, with him inside.

Probably feeling all safe and secure in there, with the door covered.

Of course the poor crab hasn't quite grasped that any one of us humans are much bigger than him. It doesn't matter if he has the door closed. It doesn't matter if he hides in the coconut, or even if he holds it down with his little claws. He can't get away from us. We can pick up his entire hut if we want to spend time with him.

I am not an unkind crab-owner though, so I let him be for most of the day. He wants privacy? Okay, I'll give him some privacy. Until the afternoon.... then it was time for me to move the coconut and force the crab to be social!

I gave him a quick dunk in his water, then forced him to wander around the corral for awhile. Not a coconut hut in sight....

But I think he enjoyed having a nice stroll. It's hard to tell: he wears that shell so tight, I have difficulty getting in and discerning his emotions. But I like to think that I'm getting through to him.

Because this morning? Well, he was hiding in the hut again. BUT... there was no sponge covering the door. Baby steps.

Or would that be baby skitters?
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