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Kitchen Crisis

I had a bit of a crisis in my kitchen yesterday. Fortunately it wasn't as exciting of a crisis as it could have been... wait, should that be "fortunately"? I mean, I generally want things to be exciting in my life, right?

Well, I guess not when there is the word "crisis" attached.

You know how the more you look at a word, the less it looks like a word? Crisis. Stare at that... yeah. What a totally made-up-looking string of characters.

Anyway, back to the kitchen - pardon my distraction. I have a built-in dishwasher. By this I mean that it is not a portable dishwasher; it is not the kind that is meant to be rolled about the kitchen. I do not, unfortunately, mean that it is actually attached to anything else in my kitchen.

I had an empty space in my kitchen next to the existing counter when I moved in, so my parents bought me a dishwasher as a housewarming present. My dad and I installed the dishwasher in the empty space, but we never got around to installing a counter-top above it. Note: the way a built-in dishwasher stays balanced is by being firmly attached with two strong screws to the counter-top above it.

A discerning reader will probably perceive where this story is going....

So I've had this semi-installed dishwasher for six years. I've been intending to finish the project the whole time, but since it works in its present state, I've never quite gotten around to it.

During those six years, I've just had to be extra careful. You can never open both drawers at once. Even with one drawer, it is important not to pull it out all the way when it is fully loaded. I know this. I've been doing it successfully for all this time. Occasionally it has overbalanced a bit, but I've always been alert and pushed the drawer back in, balancing it before anything drastic happened.

Somehow yesterday was different. I was less-than-alert while filling the dishwasher. I think what happened is that the bottom drawer was fully loaded, halfway pulled out. I turned to check the sink to see if there was anything left there. As my back was turned, the weight of the drawer caused it to roll forward.

I heard it rolling and rattling, and I spun around to catch it. It was past the tipping point though, and the fully loaded dishwasher proceeded to drop forward. I yelled and shoved it towards the wall, or attempted to. Things went flying everywhere, and I winced at the loud crash of tons of plates and glasses colliding.

Once the dust cleared, I stood frozen. Bracing the partly-open drawers of the dishwasher, adrenalin pumping, I called, "Help...?" Happily My Boy was nearby, and he had already hung up his phone in the middle of a call when he heard the initial crash. He hurried over and helped me lift the dishwasher back.

Cringing, I turned around to assess the damage. I was expecting to see shards of broken glass and pottery ALL OVER the kitchen floor. Much to my surprise, there wasn't! Everything that had been on top of the dishwasher (a large metal pan, some tupperware, candles, and other assorted stuff) had flown off and was scattered everywhere, and the projectiles had apparently knocked over the cats' food and water bowls. So there was water, cat food, and miscellaneous items everywhere -- but miraculously it doesn't appear that a single dish broke!

I'll know for certain either tonight or tomorrow, whenever I'm feeling brave enough to unload the darn thing. After our initial inspection, My Boy and I just closed the door and told it to wash everything, hoping for the best.

So far the tally is: I managed to give the palm of my hand a funky bruise, and several ounces of cat food were lost in the disaster. With luck, that is the only damage sustained. Not bad actually. I've never had an appliance attempt to self-destruct so dramatically, so I'm glad it wasn't messier!
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