alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Long Weekend

I spontaneously drove to Chicago on friday. It's been way too long since I visited, and I decided that if I waited until I planned it I'd never go.

So I went. I'm glad I did! The kiddies are changing so much, especially Tilly.

I saw a shooting star driving home this evening. (I mean *I* was driving, not the star.) It was brighter than I thought shooting stars could be, flaming through the sky then stopping halfway down in sparks. I actually checked the news when I got home, it seemed so unusual, but didn't see anything.

Then I stayed up late finishing my first homework assignment. The code questions were interesting, but I forgot what a research paper would involve. I worked on it this week, but not enough I guess. This will take some getting used to, this school thing.

Also, I lost 2 hours today, due to time change plus travel. Crazy! Must sleep now...

Tags: family, school, travel
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