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'tis monday morning at work, and once again I stayed up too late finishing up my homework. We have stuff due once a week in this (online) class, every sunday night. Eventually I will get this grad school / work / social life combination figured out... hopefully! Heh.. or perhaps not. I've always been a procrastinator and a night person. But I've only been doing this for two weeks, so I still have a LOT to figure out and get used to.

I just saw a couple walking outside in the parking lot below my window. The man was carrying something white and moving; it looked to me like he was carrying a scary ghost. Then when he got to the car it turned out to be just a baby with a blanket over its head. So that's good.

I was just typing an email to a friend of mine, and I attempted to conclude it with "love ya, rennie". Only I'm typing on a very small keyboard, and my fingers missed the comma. So it came out "love yam". Which really isn't true. I corrected it in the email, but it amused me enough to share.

St Patrick's Day was quiet, but I got to eat corned beef. Yay! I had it twice this year, once last week at my mom's for an early holiday, and once on the correct day. I really like corned beef, Irish or not. I also played with trains yesterday with my boyfriend's nephew. Which is interesting, because last week I played with trucks with my own nephew, also at my mom's house in Chicago.

Actually I took long enough finishing this post that it is now monday afternoon -- but just barely, so I'm not going to edit the first paragraph.
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