alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Books Eleven and Twelve

Anne Mccaffrey was my favorite author when I was in high school/early college. The Dragonriders series will always be my favorite, but the Crystal books are good too. I was at Netmouse's house, and she was freecycling some books. I saw Crystal Line, and it was the third in the Crystal series, but I'd never read it. I immediately picked it up, but she pointed out that if I couldn't remember Killishandra very well I should read it first. She very generously dug into her pile of books NOT to be freecycled, and gave it to me. Cool! I read both quite quickly. More fun and brain-candy type books. Enjoyable reads.

Killishandra, by Anne Mccaffrey

Crystal Line, by Anne Mccaffrey
(Overly dramatic, but still kept my attention and interest.)

There, now I'm up to date. So far... but the book I'm reading now is very short!
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