alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Taxes and Whatnot

Had a very productive day yesterday. I went to my parents' house to do my taxes (what? I'm not procrastinating! Procrastinating would be waiting until today to do them...), because they buy TurboTax every year. I specifically wore a pair of exercise pants that are too long, in the hopes that I could convince my mom to hem them while I was there. It took a little bit of convincing, but she agreed to do it. So now my pants fit right! Plus, I ended up being there long enough that I got invited to stay for dinner. All in all, a very successful afternoon! The only downside is that I ended up owing on the darn taxes - I'd forgotten that I converted my traditional IRA to a Roth IRA last year, and owed for that. Oh well, I can afford it...I was just looking forward to seeing my bank account grow, not shrink.

To continue in yesterday's productivity, I went running last night. I'm running in the Race For the Cure on Saturday. It's a 5 kilometer run to help support breast cancer research. (A very worth mom is a 3-year breast cancer survivor so far.) You would think this means I've been conditioning for months in preparation, right? But I did run a mile both yesterday and today. Hopefully I'll survive the run Saturday. I plan on doing a little bit more this week, and hoping for the best....
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