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Sympathy Cards

I went to Hallmark last week to buy sympathy cards. I wanted to buy four cards -- one for my college friend's husband, one for my aunt, and one for each of her sons, my cousins. It was a rather difficult trip, actually, though in retrospect I'm not really surprised.

It's hard to stay cheery when reading through a bunch of "sorry for your loss" cards, even more so when you start thinking about loss of loved ones.

When I first got in, I couldn't find any sympathy cards. There were birthday cards, anniversary cards, st patrick's day cards, pet cards, EVERYTHING but sympathy cards! I started getting really angry, talking and swearing to myself inside my head, trying to find the ^&*%^& sympathy cards. When I found some, they were mixed in with the damn humor cards and get well soon cards! I was furious, just kind of stalking around the store....

...then I realized I was just upset and sad, not really angry after all. Recognizing that made it easier. I was thinking to myself as I searched, "Four cards! That's really a lot of sympathy all at once." Then because I have a morbid sense of humor sometimes, I thought, "It'd be really handy if they sold these in bulk. Four is practically bulk, and then I wouldn't have to go through this again."

Then, believe it or not, I found bulk sympathy cards! Twenty in a box! I was really surprised, despite having thought of the idea myself. "What would those be for," I asked myself, "...a bus accident?" I chuckled darkly to myself, even while recognizing how awful the whole thing was.

Eventually I found a cluster of cards that were somewhat acceptable, and not tooo surrounded by funny animal jokes on all sides. Really, they ought to keep sad cards in a whole separate section, so it's easy to find and removed from the ugly baby and old jokes. That would make things easier.

After a lot of agonizing, I found four that I liked. I paid for them and i could see the lady at the counter counting the cards and thinking to herself, "Bus accident?" But she was kind enough not to say anything.

After I got them home I avoided them for awhile, putting it off until I realized what I was doing and forced myself to sit down and take care of them this evening. The job is done now, thankfully, and thee cards are in the mail. I think they will do some good; I know it helps at times like these to be reminded that people are caring for you and hurting with you.
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