alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


We were sitting here in my office, and Daisy mentioned, "There must be something going on over there. I see three, no four helicopters."

I looked out the window in surprise. It look a little bit of searching, but then I spotted all four helicopters hovering a few miles out the window. Oh wow...

I figured if something had generated that many helicopters, I could probably find it on the news. A quick internet search and I discovered that three people were shot at an office building just two miles north of my office. Yikes. Further, the gunman seems to be still at large, he escaped in a silver Ford Fusion.

Now I keep staring out my window suspiciously at every silver sedan I see. So freaky.

License plate bey0843. Unfortunately, I can't actually read any license plates from here at the fifth floor, so I have to glare at all the similar cars I see. (But if anybody else sees it, let me know.)

I'm watching the live feed on my computer, and the helicopters through my window. Really creepy. I'm not afraid of anything -- if he's out, I'm sure he's bolting as far away as possible -- but still. It sure makes you think, and it sure makes it hard not to watch for updates!

I hope they find the guy quickly.

(Update: looks like they've found him.)
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